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This is the admin noticeboard for The Kamen Rider Wiki. The page is meant as a noticeboard for new projects, and fixes. Postings are by admins only. The talk page, however, is meant for admins to communicate with each other, and for queries from editors as well. Anyone may post there if they wish to address multiple admins.
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Requirements for pagesEdit

Please ensure that each page has the correct article templates and infoboxes. Also insert appropriate categories (as specific but accurate as possible). Notable examples are:

Newly-Initiated ProjectsEdit

  • Make "rider" pages clear disambiguation pages. Series can be titled in full (without a "series" suffix) while monikers redirect to characters (i.e. Fourze redirects to Gentaro Kisaragi.)
    • The objective of this is so that when people refer to a rider, they'll head to the civilians in question. After all each rider uses his system differently.
  • Merge lists into categories
    • Category:Kamen Rider now contains all Kamen Rider lists.
  • Overly long articles are broken up into smaller groups.
    • Arsenal pages can be separate from the rider pages (as Categpries) so long as they are still indexed in their individual riders' pages- see Category:Fourze Arsenal and Fourze Driver
  • Cleanups apply for adaptations like Masked Rider and Dragon Knight as well.
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