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Horse-fly Fangire
Episodes: Noise: Melody of Destruction
New Arrangement: Flying Rose
Full Stop: Farewell, Otoya
Break the Chain: Obey Me!
Finale: The Inheritors of Kiva
Rider War
Rider War: Prologue
Season: Kamen Rider Kiva
Actors: Tomomi Miyashita
Kaori Mine (Voice)
Horsefly Fangire

Horsefly Fangire (ホースフライファンガイア Hōsufurai Fangaia?): A Fangire held by ex-Wonderful Blue Sky Organization scientist Dr. Kanda (神田博士 Kanda Hakase?) in his Evolved Lifeform Research Lab, she was used as a test subject in the man's Fangire research, force fed her captured kin's life energies and becoming stronger as result, using that power to severely wound Rising Ixa. However, in spite of how it seemed, Kaede was using Kanda from the start and had no more need of him in her schemes. After killing Kanda, the Horsefly Fangire kidnaps Mio Suzuki to become even more powerful. However, this act infuriates Taiga Nobori as he executes Kaede for her cannibalism and attempt on Mio's life.

A male version of the Horsefly Fangire is among the Fangires revived by Bishop, attacking Keisuke Nago and Megumi Aso until Wataru Kurenai intervened and Nago killed the monster as Rising Ixa.

Kamen Rider DecadeEdit

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