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KRS1 title
Kamen Rider Super-1
Number 7
Number of episodes: 48
First episode: The Remodelled Human's Great Transformation for the Planet
Last episode: Farewell, Earth! Kazuya Heads Off to Space!!
Intro: Kamen Rider Super-1
Original airing: October 17, 1980–October 3, 1981
Producer: Toei
Production Order
Kamen Rider (Skyrider)
Kamen Rider Black
This article is about the television series. For the series' main character, see Kazuya Oki.

Kamen Rider Super-1 (仮面ライダースーパー1 Kamen Raidā Sūpā Wan?, Masked Rider Super-1 in English) is a Japanese tokusatsu superhero television series. It is the seventh installment in the Kamen Rider Series. The series was broadcast on the Mainichi Broadcasting System from October 17, 1980 to October 3, 1981, lasting 48 episodes. The series was a co-production between Toei and Ishinomori Productions, and was created by Shōtarō Ishinomori.


Kazuya Oki volunteers to undergo cybernetic surgery in the International Space Development Program in the United States in order to become an astronaut who can survive in outer space without the need for a bulky external suit. After a successful operation, he is given the codename "Super-1". Before he can depart for space, however, the base where he received his operation is attacked by the Dogma Kingdom. Only Kazuya is able to escape and determined to avenge the deaths of the scientists, he returns to Japan and is trained by a martial arts expert, Master Genkai. With this knowledge, he is able to transform into the powerful Kamen Rider Super-1 to fight the evil Dogma Kingdom and later the Jin Dogma.


Kamen Rider Super‑1 Kazuya Oki

Dogma KingdomEdit

The Dogma Kingdom (ドグマ王国 Doguma Ōkoku?) is a secret extremist organization originating from Dark-Nebula B-26 who are seeking to kill Super-1 and rule the earth with their cyborgs, purging all those deemed unworthy of the utopia.

  • Emperor Terror Macro/Kaiser Crow (帝王テラーマクロ/カイザーグロウ Teiō Terā Makuro/Kaizā Kurō?, 1-23)
  • General Megirl/Death Buffalo (メガール将軍/死神バッファロー Megāru Shōgun/Shinigami Baffarō?, 1-22)
  • Dogma Bodyguards (ドグマ親衛隊 1-23?)
  • Dogma Fighters (ドグマファイター Doguma Faitā?, 1-23)

Jin DogmaEdit

After the destruction of the Dogma Kingdom, the Jin Dogma (ジンドグマ Jin Doguma?) organization appeared to take its place in terrorizing Japan.

  • Marshal Demon/Satan Snake (悪魔元帥/サタンスネーク Akuma Gensui/Satan Sunēku?)
  • Princess Yōkai/Satan Doll (妖怪王女/サタンドール Yōkai Ōjo/Satan Dōru?)
  • Commander Onibi/Onibibinba (鬼火司令/オニビビンバ Onibi Shirei/Onibibinba?)
  • Doctor Ghost/Gold Ghost (幽霊博士/ゴールドゴースト Yūrei Hakase/Gorudo Gōsuto?)
  • Staff Officer Witch/Majoringa (魔女参謀/マジョリンガ Majo Sanbō/Majoringa)?)
  • Jin Fighters (ジンファイター Jin Faitā?)

List of episodesEdit

Main article: Kamen Rider Super-1 Episodes

Kamen Rider Super-1 Episodes



Opening theme
Ending themes
  • "Hi o Fuke Rider Ken" (火を噴けライダー拳 Hi o Fuke Raidā Ken?, "The Fiery Rider Fist")
    • Lyrics: Saburō Yatsude
    • Composition: Shunsuke Kikuchi
    • Artist: Shunsuke Takasugi with Korōgi '73
    • Episodes: 1-23
  • "Junior Rider Tai no Uta" (ジュニアライダー隊の歌 Junia Raidā Tai no Uta?, "The Song of the Junior Rider Team")
    • Lyrics: Kei Akai (赤井 圭 Akai Kei?)
    • Composition: Shunsuke Kikuchi
    • Artist: Ichirou Mizuki with the Columbia Yurikago-kai and Kōrogi '73
    • Episodes: 24-48

International BroadcastsEdit

Super-1 was aired in Indonesia in 1995. In this version the opening song was changed into another song (not dubbed soundtrack).


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