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Mai Takatsukasa
Gender: Female
Ally Type: Civilian
Season: Kamen Rider Gaim
Homeworld: Earth (Main Timeline Continuity)
First Appearance: Transform! The Orange from the Sky!?
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode
TBA (Gaim)
3 (Movies)
1 (TV special)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Yuumi Shida
Shiori Saeki (child)

Mai Takatsukasa (高司 舞 Takatsukasa Mai?) is an aspiring pro dancer and a childhood friend of Kouta.


Before the Yggdrasill Corporation took over Zawame, Mai was the daughter of the priest of the great tree, performing ceremonial dances as a child. After Yggdrasill took over Zawame, Mai decided to join with friends and continued dancing with Team Gaim. She takes care of all of the members of Team Gaim. Though she is particularly hard on Kouta, it is because she is secretly in love with him. She later gains a fangirlish adoration for Oren Pierre Alfonzo, despite the fact that he had caused mass mayhem during his bout with Team Gaim's Armored Riders. During the events of an all team dance-off, she finds herself running into the Helheim Forest and eventually the Sengoku Period World. However, she is confused for as the Priestess of Fate (運命の巫女 Unmei no Miko?) by the Nephenthes Inhumanoid. Later, she also meets the ToQgers as her new friends (especially Mio & Kagura). In addition, she meets the mysterious girl who resembles her while she and Kaito went to the place where the shrine is, then Kaito leaves. Mai also later confronts Kouta, comforting him and tells him that he doesn't need to burden himself and that he can share the burden with her.

Behind the scenesEdit


Mai Takatsukasa is portrayed by Yuumi Shida (志田 友美 Shida Yuumi?), who also plays the Priestess of Fate. As a child, Mai is portrayed by Shiori Saeki (佐伯 栞 Saeki Shiori?).


Her surname, Takatsukasa (高司?), is formed from the kanji for high ( taka?) and ruler ( tsukasa?), while her first name Mai (?) can be translated to dance.


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