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Episodes: New World: Another Kiva
Supersonic: Saga's Fight
Erlking: Mother and Child Reunion
Shout: Targeted Brother
Full Stop: Farewell, Otoya
Break the Chain: Obey Me!
Finale: The Inheritors of Kiva
Rider War
Heretic Rider, Go Forth!
Season: Kamen Rider Kiva
Actors: Kazuoki
Yoshimitsu Shimoyama (Voice)
Moose Fangire
Moose Fangire

Moose Fangire (ムースファンガイア Mūsu Fangaia?): One of the Checkmate Four's most loyal servants, Kurosawa promised Maya that on his life that he would guard Taiga Nobori. However, he worries for Maya getting too close to humans.

In 2008, Kurosawa continues that vow as Taiga's aid in the D&P Company, serving as an assassin to take out humans who may revolutionize the world. However, when he attempts to kill Mio Suzuki for following the same path as Maya, Taiga disowns Kurosawa and drives him off on the vow to kill him if he ever pulls a stunt like that again. But when Kurosawa attempts to kill Numakawa, he is found by Kiva and destroyed when Kiva uses the Dogga Hammer in Emperor Form.

Kamen Rider DecadeEdit

Moose Fangire is summoned by the Kamen Rider Ayakashi Chinomanako in the Kamen Rider Decade/Samurai Sentai Shinkenger crossover. He is destroyed by Shinken Pink, Shinken Green and Shinken Gold.

Rider CardEdit

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