This article is about a/an Fangire in Kamen Rider Kiva.
Tohru Miyake
Tohru Miyake
Episodes: Unfinished: Daddy Fight
Pomp and Circumstance: Thunderstrike Purple Eye
Season: Kamen Rider Kiva
Actors: Satoshi Jinbo
Ryūsaku Chiziwa (Voice)
Rhinoceros Fangire
Rhinoceros Fangire

The Rhinoceros Fangire (ライノセラスファンガイア Rainoserasu Fangaia?), also known as The Cape with the Shipwreck and the Scarlet Sands (緋色の砂と難破船のある岬 Hiiro no Suna to Nanpasen no Aru Misaki?) is a Fangire of the Beast Class.

Since 1986, Miyake poses as a Chief Manager of the Atelier Dreams talent agency, seeking young people working towards their dreams and taking their photo. Once he has them in his trap, he takes not only their Life Energy, but a cherish possession relating to their dreams as a trophy in his "Dream Graveyard" collection.

In 2008, he tries to sucker Wataru Kurenai into his trap, he is annoyed that the boy refuses and takes his suggestion to make Kengo Eritate a star. Kiva encounters Miyake in his true form and was unable to defeat the Rhinoceros Fangire in Basshaa Form. When he learns that Miyake is the Fangire, Wataru takes his methods personally and protects Kengo from him, assuming Dogga Form to overpower and shatter him with extreme prejudice.

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