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Super Hero Time

The title card for Super Hero Time.

Super Hero Time (スーパーヒーロータイム Sūpā Hīrō Taimu?) is a programming block on the Japanese television network, TV Asahi, featuring new episodes of tokusatsu television series from the Super SentaiIcon-crosswiki and Template:KR series. Both series have decades of history and have been intertwined in the public imagination for some time, not least of all because the driving creative force behind both was manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori and they were both produced by the same production company, Toei Company; however, they did not air together until 2000 with Template:KR and Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFiveIcon-crosswiki, though at the time they were not acknowledged together. Super Hero Time airs every Sunday morning, from 7:30 to 8:30 JST.


Starting in the late 1960s, the hour was originally meant for educational children's programs. Over the years the hour began including henshin hero programs, one of the first being Warrior of Love: Rainbowman (愛の戦士レインボーマン Ai no Senshi Reinbōman?).

In 1987, Toei's Choujinki MetalderIcon-crosswiki was moved from a Monday evening 19:00 JST time slot to a Sunday morning 9:00 JST time slot, followed by a move of Kidou Keiji JibanIcon-crosswiki to 8:00 JST Sunday morning in 1989. Similarly, in 1997, Denji Sentai MegarangerIcon-crosswiki was moved from a Wednesday evening 17:00 JST time slot to the Sunday morning 7:30 JST time slot, pairing it up with B-Robo KabutackIcon-crosswiki. The Super Sentai Series programs would continue to air at 7:30 JST after the Metal Hero Series ended and Moero!! Robocon aired in its slot in 1999 and was followed by the premiere of Template:KR in 2000.

Although a Super Sentai Series and a Kamen Rider Series aired side-by-side, the Super Hero Time branding of the shows did not begin until the 2003 broadcast season (known as SUPER Hero Time (SUPERヒーロータイム?) until the 2005 broadcast season). As a part of the Super Hero Time block, actors from the programs often interact with each other to promote each other's shows, films, and perform skits. Satoru AkashiIcon-crosswiki (Mitsuomi TakahashiIcon-crosswiki) and Template:KR (Template:KR) talked about each other's franchises, and Master Sha-FuIcon-crosswiki (voiced by Ichirō NagaiIcon-crosswiki) often showed up on the Template:KR to talk with the Template:KR and Template:KR (Template:KR) in cartoonish caricatures.

For the 2009 television season, Template:KR only aired for 31 episodes, allowing for the broadcast of Template:KR for a full 49 episode run. This has introduced an offset of 5 months between the series premieres of the yearly Super Sentai Series (which premieres in mid February) and Kamen Rider Series (now premiering in early September), instead of an approximate month long offset that had existed before (Kamen Rider Series premiered in mid-January).

The Super Hero Time block is part of the larger Nichi Asa Kids Time (ニチアサキッズタイム Nichi Asa Kizzu Taimu?, "Sunday Morning Kids Time") block, which begins at 7:00 JST with a shōnen anime (beginning with Crush Gear Turbo, then Dinosaur King, and currently Battle Spirits: Brave) and ends at 9:00 JST after the airing of a shōjo anime (beginning with Ojamajo Doremi, then Ashita no Nadja, and, since 2003, the Pretty Cure franchise (Currently airing Happiness Charge PreCure). All shows are properties of Bandai Entertainment.


Pre-Super Hero Time Line-upsEdit


Premiere date 7:30 JST
Super SentaiIcon-crosswiki
8:00 JST
Kamen Rider
Year Month
1975 April Himitsu Sentai GorengerIcon-crosswiki Kamen Rider Stronger
1979 October Battle Fever JIcon-crosswiki Kamen Rider (Skyrider)
1980 February Denshi Sentai DenzimanIcon-crosswiki
October Kamen Rider Super-1
1987 October Hikari Sentai MaskmanIcon-crosswiki Kamen Rider Black
1988 February Choujuu Sentai LivemanIcon-crosswiki
October Kamen Rider Black RX


Premiere date 7:30 JST
Super SentaiIcon-crosswiki
8:00 JST
Kamen Rider
Year Month
2000 February Mirai Sentai TimerangerIcon-crosswiki Kamen Rider Kuuga
2001 January Kamen Rider Agito
February Hyakujuu Sentai GaorangerIcon-crosswiki
2002 January Kamen Rider Ryuki
February Ninpu Sentai HurricanegerIcon-crosswiki

Super Hero Time Line-upsEdit

Premiere date 7:30 JST
Super SentaiIcon-crosswiki
8:00 JST
Kamen Rider
Year Month
2003 September Bakuryuu Sentai AbarangerIcon-crosswiki Kamen Rider 555
2004 January Kamen Rider Blade
February Tokusou Sentai DekarangerIcon-crosswiki
2005 January Kamen Rider Hibiki
February Mahou Sentai MagirangerIcon-crosswiki
2006 January Kamen Rider Kabuto
February GoGo Sentai BoukengerIcon-crosswiki
2007 January Kamen Rider Den-O
February Juken Sentai GekirangerIcon-crosswiki
2008 January Kamen Rider Kiva
February Engine Sentai Go-OngerIcon-crosswiki
2009 January Kamen Rider Decade
February Samurai Sentai ShinkengerIcon-crosswiki
September Kamen Rider W
2010 February Tensou Sentai GoseigerIcon-crosswiki
September Kamen Rider OOO
2011 February Kaizoku Sentai GokaigerIcon-crosswiki
September Kamen Rider Fourze
2012 February Tokumei Sentai Go-BustersIcon-crosswiki
September Kamen Rider Wizard
2013 February Zyuden Sentai KyoryugerIcon-crosswiki
October Kamen Rider Gaim
2014 February Ressha Sentai ToQgerIcon-crosswiki


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