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The Red and Blue Kikaider
Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 30
Air date May 18, 2014
Written by Nobuhiro Mouri
Directed by Ryuta Tasaki
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The Red and Blue Kikaider (赤と青のキカイダー Aka to Ao no Kikaidā?) is the thirtieth episode of Kamen Rider Gaim. This episode is a crossover of Kamen Rider Gaim and Kikiader, to promote Kikaider REBOOT, as well as a non-Rider form for Ryoma as Hakaider REBOOT.


Kouta and Mai meet a young man who can remember nothing about himself other than his name, Jiro. During a rain storm, Kota tries to pull Jiro out of the rain, but noticed his hand feels like metal instead of skin, bringing up the question if Jiro is a robot. Elsewhere, Ryoma looks over the schematics for an android developed by a colleague. Its model name is Kikaider.


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  • Lock Used:
    • Gaim:
      • Orange, Lemon Energy, Kachdoki
    • Knuckle:
      • Kurumi
    • Kurokage Troopers:
      • Matsubokkuri, Suika
    • Marika:
      • Peach Energy
  • Arms Change:
    • Gaim:
      • Orange Arms, Jimber Lemon Arms, Kachidoki Arms
    • Knuckle:
      • Kurumi Arms
    • Kurokage Troopers:
      • Matsubokkuri Arms, Suika Arms
    • Marika:
      • Peach Energy Arms


  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Ressha Sentai ToQgerIcon-crosswiki episode 13, Station 13: Run Fire ExtinguisherIcon-crosswiki.
  • This is the second time that Gaim teams up with another hero from a different franchise, the first being ToQger from Super Sentai.
    • Like the previous crossover, this episode is made to promote a feature film. In this case, it is Kikiader's new summer remake film, Kikaider REBOOT.
    • Also in a similar case, the Go-Busters once did something to cross-promote an upcoming movie with another hero from a different franchise (that being Space Sheriff Gavan from Metal Heroes).
  • This is the only episode that was not written by Gen Urobuchi.
  • This episode takes place between Episode 28 and Episode 29, but this creates continuity problems due to the fact that Mai is already working at Drupers for Kouta, an event that should've happened 2 weeks before the events of 26-29, a problem with tying in events that lacks any affiliation with the ongoing story script that leaves little to no room to have cross-overs and other specials.
  • This is the first episode where during the closing screen Lockseed collection, it does not feature any zipper sound, and the BGM from the last scene of the episode does not end. However the music does end in time for the preview of the next episode to kick in.
    • The background music is Jiro's Guitar, and the melody he is playing in his final scene is the theme his original counterpart used to announce his arrival in the original 1972 series. This is a bit of fan-service to those who watched the original show as children.

"Pinocchio REBOOT" poster and tickets

  • In the end, Akira shows a poster for a film with REBOOT in the title, showing Pinocchio, one of the main inspirations of Kikaider.

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