This article is about a/an Fangire in Kamen Rider Kiva.
Tortoise Fangire
Episodes: New World: Another Kiva
Supersonic: Saga's Fight
Season: Kamen Rider Kiva
Actor: Makoto Sakamoto
Tortoise Fangire

Tortoise Fangire (トータスファンガイア Tōtasu Fangaia?): The Tortoise Fangire is one of the few Fangires who betray their kind by falling in love with a human. He is confronted by Mio Suzuki and escapes her after she begins doubting the reason for her duties as Queen. Though he escapes her a second time, Numakawa is ambushed by Kurosawa and weakened as Kiva arrives to fight the Moose Fangire. Running from the fight, the Tortoise Fangire runs into Taiga Nobori, who personally punishes Numakawa for the unforgivable act of aiding humanity in progressing forward through his idea to turn water into a new energy source.

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